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Heart Shaped House Vintage Fashion

About Heart Shaped House Vintage Fashion

The Woman Behind It All


I am Melissa a mother of two boys and I absolutely adore vintage. Growing up I never felt I really belonged and I was always trying to fit in to a mould that never felt quite right. But looking back I have always felt a deep connection with anything old. It has had a life, a history and it all has a story to tell and that has always fascinated me. 

I started studying Fashion Styling about 7 years ago soon after I had my first son. Although I never quite finished as life seemed to just get in the way. But within the course I studied vintage fashion and I soon discovered the beauty of wearing vintage which took over my heart and soul. I had finally found something that had given me the confidence I had always searched for. 

The Vision


I want to empower woman through vintage fashion and I feel that my lovingly curated collection has something to offer every woman in any stage of her life. It will accentuate your inner beauty so you can be the woman you are destined to be. 

Heart Shaped House is for the woman of today with an old soul who share a deep passion, connection and understanding for vintage fashion and lifestyle.

The Brand


With Heart Shaped House you can find a unique and perfectly crafted piece that has stood the test of time and be the envy of all your friends. 

Shop with me and enjoy a high end boutique feel with perfectly curated flirty, feminine and chic pieces sourced from around the globe.

So what are you waiting for? Find your timeless elegance with Heart Shaped House today!