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Heart Shaped House is for the woman of today with an old soul who share a deep passion, connection and understanding for vintage fashion and lifestyle. 

That is why my photographer and models have all been carefully selected because they too share my passion and beliefs. 

Take a few minutes to read each girls story. 


Ruby Golddust Photography

I am the owner of a vintage and pinup photography business. 

It’s all about combining my love of mid century vintage fashion and lifestyle, with photography. Ruby Golddust is based around capturing nostalgic moments, on film, taken with old cameras. 

I find that there is something magical about waiting for your film to develop.

I try to inject that little bit of magic into everything at Ruby Golddust.


Kathy Davies

I've been collecting and wearing vintage fashion daily for most of my life. I love the mysterious history of vintage items and often ponder their previous lives. 

Most modern fashion doesn't compare to the quality and design of vintage, how much of today's fashion will survive the next 60 or 70 years?

It's a great feeling when you step out with your vintage crew. I enjoy rock and roll dancing and motorcycle riding with my bike crew. Which is something that seems to surprise a lot of people! And Yes, I ride a genuine retro motorcycle which I've owned for more than half my life, and ride in vintage, of course! 


Cally Piper

I have a rescue greyhound called Mitch.

I love vintage because of the sheer uniqueness, the quality and cut. It is sophisticated, stylish and simply elegant. Wearing vintage allows me to be feminine without having to wear pink and glitter.  

I started wearing vintage as a teenager but then I moved to the UK. Before I left I got rid of everything modern and immersed myself in vintage. I embraced British lifestyle and being away from home gave me the confidence I needed.  


Megan Puckeridge

I’ve been a swing and rock’n’roll competitive dancer since I was 5 years old. I live with other vintage enthusiasts. Our house is full of collected vintage treasures whether bought or found on the side of the road. 

My mother introduced me to vintage clothing at a young age. However, I only began to really appreciate and love the look and story behind each piece about 3 years ago. Now I’ve learnt the difference between adoring vintage style and not vintage values.   

I love that you can develop your own unique style. You can collect beautiful pieces and never feel like you’re wearing the same outfit twice. Vintage clothing gave me the confidence and uniqueness you cannot find with modern clothing. 

Now I am connected to a whole other world of people with the same appreciation for vintage. I have a new group of amazing friends from all over the world whom I know have for life. 


Michaela Avery

I have been collecting vintage fashion, furniture, homewares and literature for about 12 years. 

I love the fabrics, patterns and the quality you find with vintage fashion. I often wonder where they had been and what they had seen. Every piece has a story and I am a custodian rather than an owner. 

I used to do my hair in vintage styles in secret and took it out before leaving the house. Eventually, I decided to be brave and introduce it into everyday life. Today you would struggle to find modern clothing in my wardrobe that isn't my work clothes. 

I am a veterinary surgeon and do a lot of emergency and critical care work and it is very stressful and emotional although I do love what I do. My vintage life provides an escape otherwise I'd be a mess.

My mum was a teenage mod in London in the 60's. She was much cooler than I could ever hope to be and I managed to inherit some of her clothes and records.

I started swing and rock and roll dancing in 2007. I have found the best friends I have ever known through dancing and vintage lifestyle. 

My favourite Heart Shaped House pieces are my 1950s glasses case that has gold flakes and pressed flowers and my big 1940s leopard faux fur earrings.


Jade Serpentine

I am a mother of 2 children. 

Three years ago I first started wearing a lot of reproduction clothing from the 1950s but soon after, gravitated towards vintage fashion. I was never big on fashion, but to know that I can acquire and help breath life into a piece of history is something that has become very special to me.   

Wearing vintage makes me feel unique, graceful and elegant. I now also wear 1960s and 1970s fashion. The diversity is fantastic!

My favourite HSH piece is my white weave handbag.  I was in desperate need of one and Mel had just the thing that I was looking for!


Sugar Derramar

I am a mother of 5 children.

I am a lover of all things vintage and have been since I was a teenager. Just the style of the way they used to dress is the strongest reflection of my personality. Lucille Ball is my biggest inspiration. 

I am a burlesque performer and run Castlereagh School of Performing Arts.

I was a national finalist at Miss Pinup Australia 2017 and runner up for Miss Lady Luck 2018. I was a runner up at Burlesque Idol in Newcastle and a state finalist for Miss Burlesque Australia. 

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Casey - Leigh Rose

I am a Nutrition coach, mentor and a swimsuit model. I aspire to live my life with the intent to always self-develop, grow and inspire young people living with chronic illness that you can still do amazing and beautiful things in life despite setbacks.

When I’m on stage or behind a camera it is the only time I don’t think about my illness or how much pain I am in. I believe fashion is an outer expression of our inner heart and soul. 

I was all of about 8 when I fell in love with vintage fashion. It all started with a pair of flare jeans. I grew up with my Dad and we lived a world filled with seventies rock. We listened to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac. 

I am that obsessed with her heart felt collection but I froth over 2 pieces. My vintage CK denim mini shorts and my 1970s floral boho flower skirt. They are my ‘go to’ outfits that never fail me. 

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Melly Day

I am at uni studying to be a scientist to make the future a better place. I want to be a mum who has a quirky outlook on life so my kids think outside the box and choose their own way and style.

I love the style and individuality of vintage fashion. Finding home made and one of a kind pieces are my faves. I love the way vintage makes me feel and it also suits my body shape. It’s a way of preserving and sharing a time in history.   

When I was a kid I would watch old black and white movies and see the beautiful clothes the people wore. They looked so glamorous! 

I bought my first Bakelite bangles with HSH and love them! I’m addicted and aiming for the rainbow.