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Caring For Your Vintage


Where possible your garments should be hand washed separately or with similar colours to extend the life. Your black items can be washed with a cap full of vinegar to keep the dye in longer and hung or laid flat in the shade. Knits should be gently rolled in a towel to remove excess moisture and laid flat in shade. Any items with beading should be washed in a garment bag to contain any fallen beads. 

For vintage dry cleaners are not usually recommended as the chemicals used can have the adverse effect on some fabrics. 

When wearing your vintage avoid spraying perfume directly onto your garment and take care with deodorants and creams. Please read any washing instructions listed in the description for each garment. If in doubt you can contact me anytime for advice on caring and storing your vintage item. I am trained in preservation and I am happy to discuss your needs.

All leather and suede should be cleaned and leather oiled regularly to retain its supple nature as vintage leather will become brittle if not cared for.

Furs should be hung in the sun to kill any unfavourable smells and spot cleaned with mild soap. Furs can be dry cleaned with your discretion and only by a reputable dry cleaner specialising in furs. 

All items should be stored away from direct sunlight and in a cool dry place.


Your jewellery should be stored away from direct sunlight and sources of heat and stored with jewellery of the same nature. Bakelite may darken or yellow if exposed to light for long periods of time. Plastic containers should not be used for storing any early plastics as it can cause crazing. Celluloid is flammable so please keep it away from direct heat. Try not to spray perfume or hairspray on your plastic jewellery as it may dull the finish. You can polish all your plastics except celluloid which have lost their lovely shine with simichrome polish which you can buy online

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